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PADI Master Scuba Diver Course

With the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, you have reached the highest non professional level in the PADI System of diver education. It means that you have acquired significant training and experience in a variety of dive environments.

You’ll earn this rating by completing five specialty dives by selecting from the list of adventure dives available:

*If you like to take other specialty dives aside from the adventure dives mentioned above, feel free to discuss this with your instructor.


A. Training Sessions

1. Independent Study

Your instructor will meet with you prior the course proper for a briefing and to give you the dive learning materials needed for your home-study.

The following action items below need to be completed prior meeting with your instructor for the knowledge review.

i. Read the corresponding Specialty Diver Manuals

ii. Answer the Knowledge Reviews

2. Knowledge Review

You and your instructor will meet to recap your answers on the knowledge reviews. He will also highlight important points and review the items you may have missed.

3. Specialty Dives

This is where you will master the skills and concepts learned from the book and during the knowledge review. To earn a specialty diver rating, it ranges from 2 or more dives depending on the specialty diver course.

This would require at least 2 weekend dive trips to complete the specialty training dives.

B. Pre-requisites

1. Have a PADI Rescue Diver certification (or have a qualifying certification from another organization)

2. Have a minimum of 50 logged dives

C. Fees

1. Course Fee is dependent on the fees of the 5 specialties to be taken. PADI Registration costs $55.

* Students will have to bring their own gear (mask, snorkel, fins, BCD, regulator, weights, exposure suit).

** Students will also have to bring 2 underwater flash lights, 1 inflatable signaling device and compass.

*** Your instructor will help you with your rentals in case you don’t have your own gears yet.

2. Overnight Resort Fee depends on the resort of choice. But the estimated cost is around Php 5,500 which includes:

a. 4 buffet meals

b. Tank use for the open water dives

c. Dive Pass

d. Boat Dives

e. Resort Facility use which includes room sharing

* The estimated cost is based on room and boat sharing.

3. Transportation Cost and other incidental (snacks, soda, etc) are not included in any of the fees mentioned above.

4. Penalties

a. If there are circumstances that will make you unavailable on the agreed upon training schedules, you have to inform your instructor 24 hours ahead of time to give him time to cancel the dive resort reservation.

b. Failure to make the courtesy notice 24 hours before the training schedule will incur additional charges on your course fee to cover for the resort penalties.

c. If you have to cancel your training schedules 3 times or more, you will be charged an additional 10% of the course fee to cover for logistics expenses.

d. Though the course is performance-based (and not time-based), if the student unusually needs more training time, your instructor may request for additional charges to cover for extended training sessions. Your instructor will discuss this with you if needed.

D. Payment Scheme:

a. First Payment – 65% of the course fee upon receipt of the Advanced Open Water Diver Manual.

b. Second Payment – 35% of the course fee on or before the start of the actual Advanced Open Water Training Session.