The feeling of weightlessness amazes me, to be an astronaut was my dream when I was a kid. And diving is the closest thing that I can get to this fantasy. The thrill of conquering the uncertainty underwater is definitely a one of a kind experience, crossing it out from my bucket list is another.

I’ve always been fascinated with sea creatures – gliding mantas, playful dolphins, breathtaking sharks, gentle giant whales, camouflaging octopus, territorial nemos and the list goes on. These are the things that make me dive over and over again. Seeing and truly experiencing the marine life is exceptional.


Earning a dive license is a privilege to see the marine life. And as a diver we also have to put in mind the responsibility that goes with it. We have to protect and conserve the marine ecosystem. As simple as proper buoyancy control and participating in clean-up dives, we are already making a big step in helping the environment. It’s a lifestyle and at the same time an advocacy, is what I always impart to my students, something that they will carry on everywhere they go, all for the love of diving.

From  easy to a challenging one, every diver leaves with more than what he expects. Every dive is definitely worthwhile.


– Sean Calma, PADI Instructor #490146
– Underwater Photo by Keith Lapuos

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