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How to go to Anilao, Batangas – Mayumi Resort

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Distances mentioned below are all approximate. The distances are just there to give you an idea of how much more you need to travel before any landmark or action you have to take. This guide would still be helpful even if you forget to set your trip meter.

  1. From Manila, take Southbound of South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)
  2. From Petron SLEX, reset your trip meter to 0 (zero). Go straight southbound.
  3. At 16kms, you will reach Calamba Exit a toll gate. Pay toll. From Calamba Exit, continue to travel southbound.
  4. At 23kms, You will reach a toll gate. Pay toll. Continue to travel southbound.
  5. At 28kms, you will reach a toll gate. Get card. You are now in STAR Tollway. Continue to travel southbound. Just go straight all the way to the end of the expressway. You are to take the last exit – Batangas City Exit.
  6. At 65kms, you will reach a toll gate. Pay toll. From Batangas City Exit, just go straight. You are supposed to go straight. But since there’s a roundabout (rotonda), you will have to take the roundabout (rotonda). You are headed to Port of Batangas (Batangas Pier).
  7. At 68kms, you will see a flyover. Do NOT take the flyover. Take the right most lane. You will be under the flyover. Turn right. You are now headed to Bauan Town Proper. This street is busy and usually traffic (a lot of jeepneys) during daytime. Be patient. Just go straight.
  8. At 73kms, you will see Jollibee. You will be forced to turn right since the road is one-way. You will see the wet market to your left. Just follow the road. Eventually, you will be forced to turn left (since it’s a deadend). Just go straight until you get back on the main road.
  9. You will see Petron to your right. After passing Petron, prepare to turn left. You will now be headed to Mabini. Just go straight.
  10. At 82kms, you will see a fork. Just take the right lane and follow the main road.
  11. At 83kms, you will turn left. If you missed this left turn, you will end up in the Anilao Pier (that’s the end of the road). Just do a U-Turn.
  12. You will see a lot of resorts to your right and eventually you’ll have a view of the sea to your right.
  13. It’s winding down road of uphill and downhill. Around 10kms of scenic drive to the resort is expected (around 20mins).
  14. You will pass by the following landmarks/resorts: Aquaventure, Aiyanar, Acacia, Eagle Point.
  15. You will see a basketball court (open gym). Turn right to that small road. Follow the signs “Mayumi” going to the resort.
  16. If you reached Arthur’s or Crystal Blue, you missed the basketball court already. You have to stop and turn around.
  17. At 92kms, you will reach Mayumi Resort.